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Discover the finest car shades in Australia, offering top quality at prices you can afford. Our car window shades are a superior alternative to Snap Shades, and they're available at just half the price.

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Why Car Shades ?

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Window Tint Not Dark Enough ?

Introducing Magnetic Snap Car Shades: The premier solution for safeguarding your baby and child from UV and direct sunlight, especially when legal car window tint falls short—all within legal compliance. Experience the superiority of Magnetic Snap Car Shades, featuring effortless one-step installation and removal.

Why Are These Shades Much Cheaper Than Others ?

Explore our Factory Direct Selling - No Reselling Margin, No Affiliation Commission added to product prices. You only pay for the goods themselves. Unlike other brands like 'Snap Shades' that may use fancy sales techniques and have high prices, we prioritize transparency. No additional costs for relabelling or extravagant marketing expenses. Discover quality products at straightforward prices

The Original Car Shades

Car Shades Australia, Lowest Price And Highest Quality.Our Car Window Shades are Best Snap Shades Alternative.

Car Shades

Protect your baby and child from direct sunlight and harmful UV rays with our ultimate solution: magnetic car shades. Our car shades undergo rigorous testing to effectively reduce both UVA and UVB, while also filtering light and glare. Unlike some window tints, our car shades are legal and secure, ensuring compliance with regulations.

Stylish and custom-designed, our car shades seamlessly fit onto your car windows, providing the highest quality available on the market. With Snap Car Shades, installation and removal are a breeze, requiring only a simple one-step process for ease of use. These car sun shades not only offer additional protection from the sun and heat but also provide privacy for your rear passengers.

Choose from our extensive range of car sunshades available for over 400+ car models. Whether you need car shades, car window shades, snap-on shades, or baby shades, our products stand out as the best solution on the market for long-term use, perfectly tailored for your family vehicle. Experience the difference with our Snap Shades alternative.

Car Sun Shades Specialist

Magnetic Snap Car Shades are designed to fit each specific vehicle models  

Magnetic Car Shades™ stocks over 300 car models  for following Popular makes:











Magnetic Snap Car Shades manufactured with highest quality, using OEM mesh fabric, magnetic edge all around for easy installation.